PATTERNS The Real McCoy’s has been collecting vintage jackets and related documents for over 12 years. We never hesitate to ask historians, veterans, former manufacturers or senior collectors to judge our copies. Each pattern comes from an original contractor.

HORSEHIDE The leather has a very fine fiber and appears to have a soft and smooth surface. In reality there are marks, cuts and wrinkles on the skin, which have made it unpopular with many manufacturers. But what the Real McCoy’s had in mind upon reproducing the A-2 was to follow the original specifications. Horsehide tanned skins remain untouched for three months. They are selected at wet blue stage. Most hides are tanned using a vegetable and chrome combination tanning method.

SHEEPSKIN The sheepskins used in the Real McCoy’s manufactured jackets are directly purchased from contracted farms, then tanned and are finished double-faced.Then treatment similar to the original is used. A polyacrylic paint of military specification color (seal brown) is sprayed on the base, coated with primer and then top coating is applied. On the wool side, we use an oxidised dye in specification light yellow.

GOATSKIN The U.S. Navy selected this type of leather because of its good resistance to moisture. The surface has a grained texture, and the skin is thicker and harder than horsehide, contrary to current misinformation. So, for a more comfortable wear while flying, the G-1 family featured a lambskin collar.

ACCESSORIES All jacket components from skin to lining, knit parts, zippers, snap fasteners, buckles and even small A-2 collar hooks are custom made:
- Cuffs and waistband: 100% virgin wool
- A-2 lining: 100% natural cotton, same weight than original
- M-422 and G-1 lining : 100% rayon
- Stud fasteners: R.A.U. Co., brass with Government black finish
- Zippers : depending of the jacket, brass nickeled “Talon” or blackened “Conmar” assembled on 100% cotton ribbons
- Buckles : brass with chrome finish - Tags : embroidered rayon - Thread : 100 % cotton - Buttons : urea