1/ The Ultimate Sheepskin Jacket :
Jacket, Flying, Winter, Type ANJ-4.

In 1943, this was the last sheepskin jacket produced. Its design was developed both for the Army and the Navy, in order to simplify production. Expensive, it saw limited service because of the competition of cheaper cotton stuffed apparel.

2/ Cap, Winter, Type B-2. This cap was made of seal brown sheepskin with a thick horsehide visor, and was widely used during WW2. Size : 7 1/2 , 7 5/8.

Customize your jacket.
Go on the tradition of WW2 aviators giving your Real McCoy’s jacket a true personal touch. For that, we offer you these typical leather patches and personalized name tag WW11 design embossed on leather. Sorry, we cannot mount them as no exchange or refund would be possible. Squadron patches no longer available but we can put you in contact with other suppliers.